2-10 Logo RGBVeritas Homes congratulates you on the purchase of your new home. Veritas Homes understands a new home is the single largest investment most people will ever make and we want you to be happy and confident in your purchase. To insure your satisfaction, Veritas has developed the most innovative, responsive, and personal warranty program in the building industry.

Our warranty program guarantees twenty-four hour contact from initial communication of a possible problem and insures all warranty issues are resolved within fourteen days. Veritas Homes can offer this based on inspections, orientations and understanding of the building process.

How our Warranty Program Works:

  1. First, your home undergoes multiple inspections by code inspectors and hired professionals in the business to insure proper, professional construction. Before closing, you are offered two inspections. One to determine the best way to operate and maintain your home (as well as locate any items that need maintenance) and identify any small blemishes that may need repairs. A second inspection is conducted to insure all adjustments have been addressed and completed satisfactorily.
  2. Second, Veritas Homes offers One Year Warranty on all workmanship and manufacturer defects in accordance to the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty guidelines. Veritas offers this special program through a partnership of its subcontractors. The warranty process is divided into Emergency and Non-emergency contacts.
    1. Any emergency needs like loss of total electricity, heat/air conditioning problems, water piping concerns, any major malfunction in plumbing or anything that threatens safety or your ability to remain in your home will be taken immediately. Just call the appropriate subcontractor AND the Veritas Warranty Line.
    2. Any non- emergency need or query may be addressed by accessing the Homeowner Login page.. These issues will be addressed within twenty-four to seventy-two hours.
  3. Third, Veritas Homes provides the homeowner with a 2-10 Warranty Corporation industry-recognized protection package. This insures your home to be free from defects in electrical, plumbing and mechanicals distribution systems to the extent stated in the 2-10 Construction Performance Guidelines. Also covered is a ten year structural defect as defined in the 2-10 Construction Performance Guidelines, section 1.

Veritas Homes, Inc. wants you to have confidence in your selection of a Veritas Home and to know that you have purchased a quality home backed by a superior warranty program.